Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong


Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong is an ophthalmology registrar based in Dunedin, New Zealand. He is also the founder of several startups including Vise Medic, oDocs Eye Care, Giraffe shoes, and Each-a-cup Kuching. Dr. Hong's vision is to create a world where medical diseases and prognosis can be determined with minimally invasive technology, and to decentralize healthcare. 

Dr. Hong has also won many awards including the New Zealand’s People Choice Innovator Award, Clinician Challenge 2015, 3D printing grand prize, and has been nominated for the Innovator of the year 2016. He is also an open-source project initiator and has previously initiated bionic arm and affordable 3D scanning projects. He is undoubtedly a well-respected public speaker and spoken at various national and international events including a TEDx talk in Auckland. Dr. Hong’s research interest covers various fields of ophthalmology, telemedicine, and bio-engineering.



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